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Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

This has nothing to do with the Aurvedhic Physician or a Dos-Thara trying to kill one of his fellow beings. It looks like they are following the practice of Western doctors who has employed this method to eliminate rivals in his practice. 

There are few on record of recent times, where doctors were involved in this type elimination strategy but not healthy competition.

This is beautiful happening in this Buddhist country where Dhana is taken as a high precept where Wessanthara (Bodhisatva has ) had even offered his head to gain higher perfection.

It is also noteworthy these guys and girls obtained their qualification from FREE education.

When, private Medical Schools come into practice, they will start killing each other in their students dates and before graduation since all of them will start private practice to recover the money spent on Education.

This country will become a Killing Field, when these graduates come out from their Prospective Private Universities since we do not have any ethnic wars to practice killing each other.

I wish I should be dead before these guys/Girls come out of Medical Schools.

My Dream

My dream is related to me visiting a Skin Specialist.

It was nice feeling to become a patient where most of my life I practiced medicine free except for a brief period during the dark days when everybody was threatened with life in dark days of Southern Insurrection.

I took the risk of treating needy patients when all other outlets were closed due to insurrection.

Some of these guys whom I saved may have become even doctors now.

I never imagined this country will go down in history with these incidents occurring on almost daily basis.

Prolong period of war has brought us to this sage where life is not counted as something worthwhile.

Doctors prime duty is to save life but not to kill or harm.

What a nice introduction for Maha Brahma when I send this for his interpretation.

The Treatment Center was like an open Meditation Retreat.

I went and paid the entry fee and was waiting for my consultation.

It took a long time and I would have dropped into sleep on the floor (no chair was available for me since all were occupied by others) when suddenly, I was woken by a messenger boy or girl asking me to see the Skin Doctor (I went for a skin condition which was not getting better but I was thinking that it was a cancer) immediately.

I asked, Why?

I was told because I was a retired doctor, this was a very special call.

I went in to see hundred of patients seated on the floor what looked like a mas hypnosis session.

He looked a towering figure beautiful in attire and pleasant composure.

Before, I could open my mouth, he said.

You look very thin and sick.

Are you a diabetic?


Do you have cancer.

I said I do not know.

He was bit taken by answers and he took a deep breath.

It looked like, he wanted the diagnosis from my mouth.

I was expecting him to do the diagnosis anyway.

I asked him, what is my secret of being slim and thin?

He said he has no idea.

I was doing a little cross check to see this guy is actually a doctor that he claims to be.

I told him I did not eat rice for one year.

He was more taken up now.

Is that so?

Yes and before he could ask a relevant question to follow I said.

It was voluntary act of mine.

You know there is a guy in our cabinet who asks us to eat only rice and no bread.

I wanted to treat him with disrespect.

So I made a resolution one year ago not to eat any rice and eat only JUNK food, like potato chips, ravioli, pasta, spaghetti, pizza and the like.

You were trying to save money.

No they were three times as much.

Little pasta with garlic garnish is over Rs.200/= and chocolate drink that comes from India is over Rs.300/=.

I told him that we had a long strike and during that period I was practically starving and at the end of the strike, I was catching up with my calories.

Did your wait go up.


There was no risk involved I started eating rich chocolates, mousy and all rich things I became an envy of the house.

My wife had a little respite and she had to cook only one meal.

Then I started eating sweet potatoes (Rs.100/= a Kilo and Wal Ala Rs.200/= Kilo) and was giving a list of prices.

He suddenly disappeared from my sight almost by divine intervention.

I could not tell him my main complaint.

Then I went out and waited in the entrance for him to come out after seeing the other patients.

Sure enough, he came out but it looked like he was not interested in seeing me.

I told him, I forgot to tell about the small wart in my writing thumb which affected my touch typing (this is not true in true life; I do not have any wart on my thumb or good at touch typing).

To my surprise he disappeared into thin air without giving my money back or any consultation.

I was in a panic mode and got up instantaneously with my hand over my chest saying You squandering rascal.

However, I had a nice feeling when I got up since I had not send a dream for Maha Brahma´s perusal by email.

I got an instant audience from Maha, the Greatest.

He was laughing.

You did not get your money back, did you?


You must have squandered money from your patient and that is why you lost it.

Not this life but may be in my past lives.

Then I told him I finished my book on Rebirth Revisited and it is available in print and digital mode.

Shall I send you a digital copy.

It won´t have a market in heaven.

I can see many lives but most of the guys even they do not have the divine ability to see back and forward, they have to come to me for permission for such activities.

Why is that?

Then I have no running currency in heaven as the all mighty.

It is an offense in heaven to discuss rebirth without my permission,

Only human can do that.

Then I told him, that I wan´t be able to publish the second edition of my book Rebirth Revisited from there.

Not unless you take my post.

Are you interested?

Not at all, I told him.


It is a boring job know?

You can´t dream like me know.

Thank you and long life on earth.

He returned with a big noisy smile.

I love your dreams and specially about Sri-Lanka.


No body comes here from Sri-Lanka now and all of them go to Hell Know.

Even, those who sacrificed their life for the country.

I am afraid that is the sad part of the war all of the killers go to Hell not heaven.

Do they come back to earth?

Yes, a few.

In that case what I stated in my book is more than the likely statistics.

Yes, my Boy.

You did not eat rice for one year.

That is very good my Boy.


You must get used to price hikes on rice on earth.


There will be droughts in the near future.

The effect of global warming will be dramatic he said.

Thank you, I had been predicting them with my human brain.

What is the interpretation of my dream?

It is very simple.

In future everybody who is somebody can become a doctor by only using web as a resource.

Then there is no need for a Private Medical School in Malabe.

Yes and NO.

There will be many private medical schools in the web.

The problem will be that many of the sites´ computers can be hacked by even a teenager and they get hold of the past graduates and dead doctors and become Instant Doctors.

They even hijack their live practices in the web and use them as medium of instructions.

Actually, you were looking at a video display of a hypnosis session 100 years old in future.

What happened?

I switched off the server using my divine power.

To see your reaction.

That is naughty of you.

I would have ended up with a heart attack.

I paid high and it was like paying a ransom.

Not in the future.


In future Sri-Lanka there will be so many doctors, one can get a consultation for a peanut.

BUT peanuts are expensive KNOW, one Rupee a nut.

It will be Rs.250/=  a Jumbo peanut and I read your piece on peanuts on the blog site.


Was there a second part to my dream.


Do you have peanut on heaven?

We have only cashew nuts.

Are they cheaper than on earth.


Can you send some for me.

No and he disappeared in a flash.

Dream 29 and its interpretation-2013

Dream 29 and its interpretation-2013

It is a new Dream

It is fortunately a public holiday, I woke up very, very late.

In fact, it was after three attempts by my dog telling me, it is pretty late in the day, as far as he was concerned.

Why don’t you wake up?

That was his message.

He has got used to a good routine with me all because of our prolong industrial action, he knows all my routines by heart.

He never put his front feet on the bed but he did it toady to see whether I was really late but not dead on my sleep.

I had a nice long dream too.

Thanks to his interruptions I can remember it very well to relate it here.

I have to take a little detour this time round, not sending it to Maha Brahma first and come back with an interpretations.

In fact, I have not had any communication with him for a long time.

He will have a very long list of questions and a prolong interview (internet chat wise and not a direct contact with him-for those of you who do not know my modus operandum) and I should have quick answers and with the Sri-Lankan Telecom as slow as it is, to respond to his celestial contacts, not having a satellite of it own.

It is a big toll.

I do not want the readers to stay for another day.

The interpretation and the long internet chat I will have with him, I should pen down later.

For a change, I want you to interpret it, in your own ways in the mean time.

The Dream

The dream goes backs to about 50 years.

It was in the Peradeniya Campus.

It was in the evening and I was doing my own jog around the campus.

I was on the side of our physiology don’s house, who was a burgher gentleman.

I climbed a little soil mound and peeped over the window to see whether the madam was in to tease her.

To my horror she got into a panic mode and loudly said,

“Leela, the thief has come, catch him”.

Leela is the wife of another don in the Faculty of Arts.

She got hold of a broomstick (that is the recognized weapon and no T-56 then) and moved sideways and I followed her instinct for a few steps and quickly took a about turn and ran behind her house and the neighbour’s house, knowing well if I enter her front compound I could be caught, perhaps with a broomstick in her hand too.

I took a detour and came round by another route to see Mrs. Leela was coming down across another alleyway with a big pole in her hand.

I took to my feet swiftly like a horse and was down a steep hill that lead to a small paddy (yes we had a little paddy filed inside the campus then) field.

When I approached there well away from my attackers, I decided to have a pause to catch my breath and little peace in my mind.

I was in a pensive mood when a middle age woman approached me clad in muddy cloth with some kind of grass in her hand.

I thought she was cutting grass for the cow she had (yes we had cows in the campus then).

She asked me whether I was an undergraduate.

I said, Yes.

Then she asked me whether I know the Vice Chancellor personally.

I did not know what to say.

Those days the VC is such a big stature, we undergraduates have no contact with him, unless we have done something very nasty and grave that we get a resound warning without any inquiry or criminal court.

I did not want to accept my predicament but said to her I knew him very well.

She said, “Aiyyoh Mahathaya Ahenum Baridha Ahanna Thawa Kananayakata Wapuranna Denna Kiyala”.

Could you please ask him whether she can have another season of paddy cultivation instead of the special grass she was asked to grow.

I asked her what is this all about.

She told me that she was asked to lay the special type of grass on her paddy field instead of cultivating rice.

I asked, Why?

“Ane Maha Ragina Enawane”.

Queen is visiting the country.

I told her I would try to and had a few seconds pause to gather my composure and make good the fundamental error of “Peeping Tom” behaviour.

I walked back the long route I had taken back to the house of our don.

On my way, I found the long pole ,Leela had dropped and I wanted to return it back in case she needs it.

As I was walking up with the pole in hand, I saw VC coming down the lane.

There was no way of avoiding him.

I raised the pole as I was carrying a flag on top of it.

I walked toward him bravely and the second running to escape him was not in my mind.

He came down slowly with a majestic imposing posture.

He was wearing a British hat.

He paused having come down to where I was.

I had become stationary by that time with the pole erect on my hand.

As he approached me I lowered it as if I was a pole vault jumper.

Are you practising how to carry a flag on a pole.

I said, No.

I was practising pole vault, I said.

I ordered a new one from England.

It is very heavy and of British standard, I told him.

This is of the correct weight for me.

Then he said, I see about your need anyway.

Thank you, Sir.

Where are you taking it?

I said “to whom it belongs”.

He said Good Old Boy.

By now I knew, I was in a good working relationship with the VC, I took the courage to ask the question that poor lady could not ask from him.

Sir, May, I may, make a request for somebody.

Who is that somebody?

He was very attentive and inquisitive.

I said I met that woman and she wanted another season for rice cultivation.

That cannot be done he said abruptly.

Then, I looked at him very politely and said rice takes only three and half months to maturity and the grass only half that time and the Queen is coming one year from now and there is enough time to do all that.

Is that so?

You seem to know quite a lot, “are you an agriculture student”.

No Sir, I am  a Medical Student and put a little substance to my pole carrying adventure.

Then he said go and tell her she can have even two seasons but by the time Queen is here there should be a posh growth of green grass over there.

Then he went onto say if I see you carrying poles instead of looking after patients, I will make you a pole bearer of the university and not in the parliament.

That is the type of environment we had when we were in the University.

It is quite different now.

I walked up to the house and met the lady and handed over the pole.

She was puzzled.

She had seen me in a bit of a long conversation with VC and she did not know what to say.

Then I went to the house of our burgher don and talked to the lady as nothing improper has happened.

She invited me for a cup of tea with cookies, which was my original intention which was interrupted by her panic and commotion that followed.

I cannot remember how many lies I told her over the cup of tea.

That was a survival need as a young undergraduate, otherwise we would have been expelled within the first term of our academic year, if everybody knew what we did off academic hours.

The lady was a typical Victorian type.

I told her, if I was her, I would not invite the VC for a cup of tea if my teacher was not at home.

She did not ask why?

Then, I said, VC was trying to enter the neighbour house’s from back door and he detoured having seen me with the pole.

Is that so?

Yes, I said loudly.

Mind you that was the biggest lie on that day.

By that time, I have begun to hate Leela for carrying a big pole to hit me instead of a broomstick.

Everybody, knew VC was a ladies man and there were enough in the Art Faculty to prey at that time but not in the Medical Faculty.

We exchanged pleasantries and I was a regular visitor and she was like real aunt to me.

She is no more but probably in heaven.

Now this one is for you.

How many lies in total.

Unlike politicians who lie for a living in broad day light I am entitled to lies in my dreams.

If you can help me to count them.

I have lost count of them.

Dream is a good recipe for people like me and we have this satisfaction of lying in our deep sleep mode.

That is why dream are for us and not for politicians.

I am told that the politicians see their lies in their own sleep get terrified and wake up ever so often not knowing how to coin the next lie.

I will come back with Maha interpretation of this dream very soon.

Maha Brahma’s Interpretation

As I promised I sent the above dream by email to Maha just after my very late light dinner.

He promptly replied.

We had a long interrogation.

It went on like this and some bits and pieces are edited and summarized to make it shorter.

He wanted an explanation for me not sending any dream for over one year for interpretation.

I said it is a very short space in his timing but it was a horrible year for me.

He was taken aback with my reply.

I said I did not want to send some boring and mundane facts.

1. The world was supposed to end by December.

Did you believe it?

I said, NO,

Then why?

All the others believed it.

2. Then we had a long industrial action.

Did you want to get a salary increase before the end of the world?

Yes and No.

Yes, some of our young union guys believed that it is better to enjoy a salary increase before the end of the world.

The vagabonds like me never believed that they will increase anything and also predicted that it is a long drawn out affair and painful too.

Did you get a substantial increase.


3. I did not want to share my intellectual property, that included my dreams during that period.

It is improper to share the intellect when one is on strike.

It is a bane in academic circles.

You thought I will leak the dreams to the media?

No, no, nothing like that.

I trust you.

It is my memory and email habits.

If I posted those dreams by internet, I won’t have any to share with my fellow beings at the end of the strike.

I am losing my memory a bit and I even momentarily forgot my emails passwords.

How come?

I have never had such a long time away from work, really not working, I started enjoying life, in spite of no money in my pocket.

With this loose habit I started forgetting and was sleeping a lot.

Do you record my dreams.

No my dear.

Do you have good memory.

No my dear.

There you are, that justify my position.

But then, I have no fun in between, Know?

Did you dream a lot?

To tell you the truth not a lot.


When somebody is off work he or she gets a good sleep without dreams.

So you dream a lot when you work.

Yes, that is why I am coming back to you.

It is long time after the settlement, you would have had some dreams.

4. Yes I stored them in summary form for year 2013.

That is naughty of you.

No, no there were other reasons.

In history when they reflect on humans on year 2012, there will be a lot of the theories to record and my dream won’t have any currency.

That is a very good point.

Have you got enough for a book?

Yes but not until I get your interpretation.

I will be posting at least one a month from now onward.


5. Then we had this CJ affair.

What is it all about.

I do not understand Sir.

They call the law is an ASS or ARSxxxxxx.

Is it TRUE.

Yes as far as Sri-Lanka is concerned.

The dreams during this period was all political dreams.

Nothing worth recording.

It is not realistic to talk about those dreams.


I. On the one hand, it is the breach of trust and contempt of court.

One can go to prison.

II. Then on the other hand one is breaking the parliamentary privileges.

One will go to hell on earth if one breaches the parliamentary privileges.

III. Then there is the constitution to interpret.

If the dream is not according to the constitutional requirements one is not able to publish it in a proper intellectual forum.

It is very complicated know?

It is not like that.

We make simple things like fair play a complicated issue.

Then we make complicated issue like sacking somebody for no reason with academic credentials but no prudence what we need is a simple majority and a simple signature.

How did you digest all these.

I cannot.

That is why I am not a lawyer but a simple doctor who knows pain, suffering, anguish and loss of face and faith of ordinary people.

How is your dog?

That was very unexpected diversion.

He knew that I was not happy discussing the issues at hand.

6. My Dog.

He had whale of a time with our strike.

I must thank him for this dream.

If not for him, I would have forgotten the dream.

He woke me up three times today but I continued to go to sleep mode.

He was checking whether I was dead or not I believe.

Well you do not need a dog to keep you occupied but your doctor friends would have kept you interested in your habits, including financial affairs.

I am ashamed to say none of them sent me even an email, never mind a phone call to see my well-being.

They were busy doing private practice and were really undermining it, expecting to pluck some benefits from the private medical school.

Was it that bad?


But some of my doctor friends and other friends even visited me from abroad knowing I was at home all the time.

How did you survive?

I used credit cards and they were very generous since the interest is very attractive to the bank and not to me.

I am still trying to make good the outstanding payments.

It is not rosy then.

That is why I told you it was a horrible year.


Then I wanted an interpretation of the dream.

Do you really want it?

Bloody well yes.

He was hesitating.

Then, is it a good year, 2013?

It is not that bad year altogether but future of the university is not going to be good.

Your dream is all about the University which you were a part for long time.

Is it that bad?


I will put that in a few steps.


It becomes almost like a police academy.

We are already in that framework with lot of imported security officers and guards.

I do not find it that threatening.

It is not like that you will be monitored as suspicious elements in every day of your life.

Even when I go to the loo.



That is they way.

Unless the VC gives all these information to the minister he will be thrown out.


Then it becomes like an academy of army cadets.

In this stage one does not need any academic qualification but only the rank.


Reorganization of all academic activities and is called curriculum reform stage.

In this sage 90% of the departments will closed stating they have no national contribution.

The physical structures and even the land belonging to the university will be sold or vested to outside elements for reorganization purposes.


Recruitment phase

They will now introduce the Entrance Examination conducted by the University itself as was in the past.

It is good know?

Wait till I finish.

Over 90% will be reserved for the University staff holding higher offices, the rest from the minor staff.

It will like the Medial College and Law College of the colonial time.


It is the most interesting phase.

It is called “NO FREE EDUCATION”

Now the officers will sell their allocation for a price like duty-free cars for the highest bidder.

Will they get any education of any worth.

No but they get a certificate of competence after one year, to enter into a foreign (university) country with a proper education system.

How fast will it be, this change?

It will be faster than the way they had the impeachment motion dealt with.


That is what you call progress.

Then he disappeared in a flash saying see you with the next dream.

He did not give any room for cross-examination of the details.

I have to believe that this will happen in my life time.

I thought for myself.

It is time for me to leave it anyway.

Dream 25

Dream 25
I was in an air port.
This airport was different and I had to purchase the ticket from the airport counter itself.
There were lot of other people queuing to buy tickets.
Lot of them looked like refugees trying to enter a new country.
I had one heavy luggage and a light handbag.
Somehow I managed to get a ticket for the immediate flight.
I checked the heavy luggage in a hurry.
Then I entered an area which looked like the departure lounge but looked very primitive.
I went into a gate to inquire and they checked my ticket with the only computer they had and said I have to wait for another 9 hours, for the flight.
When I asked why?
I was told that the pilot had not reported for work.
I felt strange.
They then told me the real departure lounge is a walking distance away from where we were and there are no taxis to take you there.
It is a nice walkaway, by the side of the Hotel International, I was told.
Since I had a very light hand luggage, I decided to take a stroll.
I walked past the hotel, thinking it was only a joyride.
Moment I passed the hotel, I went into a heavily buildup area and lost my way.
I asked a passerby to show me the way and he said go straight and down.
I went up straight and ended up on top of a steep wall and there was no way to climb down.
Then by stroke of luck I found a side walk which was dirty and rickety.
With difficulty I finally reached the bottom which led to what looked like a street market.
There were a lot of people who were doing lot of road side buying and selling.
Quite like, London in medieval times.
I felt I had been laid the wrong garden path.
To begin with, I lost all my belongings with my heavy luggage at the entrance of what for all intents and purposes was a bogus airport.
I was frightened and woke up immediately.
Posted this to Maha Brahma after the dream 26 was posted, thinking this has no relevance to it.
Maha immediately responded and asked me why this was not posted with the other.
I said I did not see any connection.
He said this has a direct relationship.
You will know it better when I expand on the story.
In your dream 26 I said one has to follow 10 points.
If Sri-Lankan do not follow those instructions to the letter, what I am going to say now will happen in about 50 years, he said.
Things are not rosy in 50 years time.
Can you guess?
Global Warming.
Global warming is already set in and it won’t change.
I think so.
It was only yesterday my pet fishes were almost cooked to dinner from direct sunlight.
All of them were floating on top of the water and I rescued them in nick of time and put them in some buckets that contained cooler water.
Had I come half an hour late, all of them would have been dead.
What did you do afterward.
I changed the water with some cool water I had collected for an emergency.
Then I covered the top and side with black plastic sheeting.
Fixed a new filter.
Put the air compressor on full throttle.
Did your fish die.
Thank god, not this time!
I checked the indoor temperature later which was 90 Fahrenheit and outside was probably higher.
Fish die at 84 F and it was touch and go scenario.
Can you have a second guess.
No fossil fuel and no planes.
That’s right my boy.
In fifty years from now there are no fossil fuel and no airbus industry.
The airports built now will be idling and the industry that were built around them will go bankrupt.
Soon the jungle take over the periphery.
But there will be few animals and the entire elephant fleet in the jungle is not more than fifty.
They roam in 5 to 10 in a herd and go violent moment they see humans.
Since humans now do not have jeeps or vehicles and have to travel by foot elephants do not fear humans anymore.
They rule the little vegetation that is there.
Global warming has caused untold misery in this country and it is no different from Dubai where England now play cricket with Pakistan.
Why did you interrupt my dream?
If I left it for another five minutes you would have lost the hand luggage and, you thought of hiding in the jungle nearby.
Had you entered there for cover the elephants will trample you to death.
I had to intervene for your safety.
Can you tell me where this place was?
The name is something like Hambantota.
I got it.
See you soon.

Dream 26

Dream 26.

I had a long night sleep and woke up with a very nice dream.
I was in plane and I was 20 years younger.
The scenario played was as if they were trying to match me a girl who was of a different race and quite young.
The instruction was to interview the said person and handover an important portfolio to the lady.
It was very important portfolio and the interview had to be done inside a plane where radio-communication had to be dead.
Nobody could know that this interview has had happened on terrestrial arena.
This was like an American President  makes a very important decisions while on flight from one city to another.
I did not ask why they selected me for this interview as the interviewer.
It was top secret mission.
The opening scenario was like matchmaking and hitchhiking.
I was introduced to the lady who looked smart by his brother.
He was teasing her and saying that she ought to be able to play good old games and not modern games.
There was an obvious a generation gap and I felt old myself.
My opening question was could she play card games.
She looked at her brother and said, that 94, Ormie ans 304 (last two are  Sir-Lankan card games and the first one I have never heard, before).
Then I asked can you play bridge?
She said no.
That’s very good.
You may be able to make a nice cup of tea or coffee, instead of teasing your brain with bride contracts.
Then I was woken up quite pleased but baffled
Today is our Independence Day and this must surely have some important logic.
I immediately I posted this to Maha Brahma. 
The dream I had before this dream was kept in reserve for a future date.
As usual Maha was prompt in his M.V.M (Maha’s Vice Mail).
I asked him, why did you interrupt the dream.
I did not, he said.
You may have interrupted it fearing a heart attack with the possibility of a match making with a girl half of your age.
I said it is a done thing nowadays in this country and the fellow dies soon and the girl inherits everything what the first wife would have got.
I said I was interviewing for an important protocol and it was not light hearted.
I said I was crossed with that interruption, with whoever who did it in the first instance.
Then he said, it is most likely a politician who had tapped into your system.
I have no political inclinations.
But you love peace, don’t you?
YES, everybody likes PEACE.
Do you like to hear the interpretation.
Do you have any dealing with A.P.C.
I do not belong to any party and I have no connection to All Party Conference
Besides I am not a MP but a good citizen by descent but have no role to play.
You are wrong.
In your dream you were selected as the best person to represent ordinary people.
You had a 10 point plan.
Did I?
All of them are good but politicians hate your proposals.
That may have been the reason for interruption to your dream.
I told him I cannot remember anything about the 10 points.
Calm down my boy.
I have recorded them for you.
Can you state them slowly.
I want to write them in a piece of paper and post them in my blog post.
Can I state the copyright belongs to you.
Media freedom is available only to a few in government guys like FBI, with this SOAP operation, in full swing in America.
Is it globally applicable.
Are you ready?
Yes, SIR
1. Number 1
Abolish the Presidency.
My heavens!
How can we do that?
This, American president can take any country to his palm and decide its fate now or never.
Why never?
If the country does not listen he can decimate it with a press of a button.
One nuclear arsenal is enough but some countries like Israel are protected.
I do not know?
Ask the president and the secretary.
Can this be applied to Sri-Lanka.
You got to be kidding!

2. Number 2
Do not have a National Flag.
That is a wonderful idea.
We do not have to hoist it on a cold January morning and only two third will rise to it and one third will not.
In times of war it is one less item to be carried to the war front.
Besides American would be spared of this gesture of burning it in front of their embassy with religious flavour.
What about the UNO?
If we do not have national flags UNO could be closed for good.
That is excellent predicament. 
3. Number 3
Abolish all political parties.
I don’t like it Sir.
Two reasons, Sir.
We become a one party state.
Second we will not have the fun of watching the ruling party making all the tricks to destroy the aspiring opposition.
Beside we do not watch cricket now and this is the only game to watch on daily basis.
Without politics people will starve to death.
If coconut goes to Rs.100/= we have a party to blame, especially those who are in power.
I do not like that idea at all.
We all are political animals.
4. Number 4
Ban all the National Anthems.
That is a very good idea.
We can start a football game or any game without hoisting the flag and the anthem.
We can finish all the games five minutes early even if one is watching them on TV.
If we count the number of games played in and year and multiply by five we have an enormous saving for productive work for one’s own country.
Do you have national anthem in heaven.
5. Number 5
Ban allocating colours to political parties and countries.
I do not see any advantage of that at all in that proposal.
This is an environmentally friendly gesture.
The we will have only greens and nothing else.
Besides it saves a lot in paint usage for political purposes.
Colours are only for the advertisement industry.
Every time a government changes the industry guys / girls do not have to paint their business place with the colour of the ruling party.
I am sorry I did not think that way.
6. Number 6
Cancel Elections
This comes as a collateral advantage of not having parties.
7. Number 7
Have one universal language.
I am not going to propose any current language.
It should be like a computer language.
8. Number 8
Cancel the Z-score
That is very exciting.
How do we conduct examinations?
I have a very simple solution.
Give a common paper.
If all the students do not get 100 out of 100, sack the teacher.
Then re-train the teachers to teach.
That looks promising.
9. Number 9.
Close all universities for good.
That is very retrogressive know?
No it will save a lot of agony for the current government.
There is no minister.
There are no professors.
There are no salary issues.
There are no industrial actions.
Then what happens to me.
Go and start treating patients instead of teaching good values.
What are you going to do with the money saved?
That is a very good question.
10. Number 10
Ban all weapons of destruction globally.
The money saved should be used to teach this.
That is the only education mankind needs now.
All these schools should be raised to University Level.
Only have one professorship.
That is the Professor of Peace at all times.
Then all these institutes like Amnesty International and the N.G.Os who are selling Peace for Money will cease to exist and world peace will prosper.

Dream 24

Dream 24
This another dream that came out of the blue.
It is related to celluloid stars both current and aspiring to be.
Setting probably is in India and could very well be in Ceylon with so much Indian interventions from fishing trawlers to foreign ministers.
It is all about a mega advertisement.
First part of the dream was hazy.
It was related to a mega billboard of a current celluloid (male) star and a new comer (female).
The current star asked for a huge payment and the new comer was given only a fraction of the contract. In addition the designers of the billboard was also given a percentage according to the number of billboard that were displayed.
It was not clear who was contributing the money for the project.
For some reason the designers did not get their portion and that portion was also gulped by the mega star.
It was a lucrative deal anyway.
The the star came for another billboard contract.
This time the young female star had to expose more than what was desirable for an average screen print.
Since the star made a huge income the designers decided to ask for a loan from his previous income.
With some reluctance he agreed.
The female star agreed on the contract which was not shown to the mega star.
The female star had a plot to disgrace the guy who was arrogant to say the least.
She was not ready to expose that much cheaply but agreed on only one display print on contract document.
She also had a secret deal with the designers, if additional copies were made they should be made on paper that was light and heat sensitive.
In other words it was for indoor display only.
This was not told to the mega star and he was not bothered anyway.
He was given the proof read on proper heat and light resistant paint.
He was happy and ordered a large number of copies for outdoor display.
The interesting thing about the ploy was when the display was let out in the open in three to four hours the nude part of the female star disappeared leaving behind no trace of her image.
In 24 hours a silhouette of the mega star was visible and with a small print below “this screen print is only for indoor display”.
In 24 hours it became a national story.
The mega star rushed to the designers and they did not budge and inch away from the contract, He went away grinding his teeth.
Nobody would sign a contract with him thereafter and the designers got their money worth and the popularity they needed for future contracts.
On face value it is a nice Tele-Drama ploy but I wonder how Maha will react to the dream.
Immediately posted email to Maha Brahma.
He exchanged niceties and said you were not a Zombie this time.
I said the mega star was the zombie.
I asked him whether there was a second part to the dream and did the star go to courts.
To which he gave a negative response.
He said the interpretation was bit political and futuristic.
In future all the activities of politicians are videoed by law, day and night and if they fancy dancing with nude girls, they have to apply a light absorbing dye (like what one sees in black holes in the universe).
These light absorbing dye has activity that last about an hour and they are very costly and produced only for politicians in high office.
They are more costly than gold or titanium and actually the metal is imported from black holes by American astronauts.
Only rightful user of this rare metal is the American President who is current.
Fortunately rest of the American senators who aspire to become presidents do not care a damn to the video footage’s and the American public get all the videos relayed by satellites for daily consumption.

Dream 21

Dream 21

I was in some foreign land looked like India.

I see a girl playing Video Game with the game console in a car.

She was shooting her boyfriend/husband umpteenth time, as  if she was preparing for the finer detail of a murder she was planning.

As this was the land of celluloid’s and I was getting bored thinking that it was a shooting of another film.

I was so sure this was a dream not real, even in my dream mode.

I was trying to get into my deep sleep without a dream.

In any case, I am not interested in Indian films or any shooting of a film that will come in the middle of year 2012.

I interrupted my dream myself, since getting to deep sleep was not coming instantaneously, and it was January first and I needed to see whether the Ultimate Edition 3.0 gamer DVD has finished downloading.

Got up went in straight to the computer but it was still downloading at 10 to 15 bit per second.


Anyway, I thought this was a good dream for Maha Brahma.

I posted it and in return mail I hear Maha’s Voice Mail.

He was annoyed a bit.

He asked me why did you terminate the dream on your own.

I thought it was my duty to do that considering your safety in the dream mode.


Then I told him, that the girl in the car would have been my wife know?

So I pushed the safety button.

Can that happen in your case.

I don’t think so Sir, I was joking.

I have an aversion to Indian films and even Indian dreams.


It is a done thing in Sri-Lanka, know.

Even politicians and murderers go straight to India for safety haven.

No.NO, Sir after L.T.T.E nobody looks for safe haven in India now.

Now there is no L.T.T.E. and old traditions must be getting established.

I do not know that Sir.


You must train to interpret this type of dreams yourself and improve on them when woken up.

Why Sir?

Then you can write a Tele drama or a screen play or two and produce a film for your own publicity.


Me writing Teledrama?

What nonsense?

I am only suggesting and it is not an order.


Well in that case I consider this as the opening episode and add a few more with future dreams and cook up a celluloid drama.

That’s right my boy.

Don’t you realize that all Indian films are in dream mode and no relationship to what happens in India, topically.


It was only when  Rabindranath Tagore was writing that real Indian life was portrayed.

I know that, Sir.

Was there a second part of the dream Sir.


The girl who was playing the game was murdered soon after.


She was actually watching a real video of actual murders committed by her boyfriend.

So he did not have any choice.

Who was he?

He was a contract killer for hifi families.


He records all the scenes at the murder site and the murder itself as a video record.

He actually has to produce a video evidence of the murder to the actual contractor.

Otherwise the payment is not made.


The contractor enjoys the video and he keeps it as a souvenir and if the police does not figure out the murder he produces it as video film dubbing the one who was murdered and the murderer with robot  as actors (digital film star).

Then he sells the video on the street parlors.

They go like hot cakes since  those who buy the video knows who was actually murdered and by watching it figure out how it was done in the first place.

This is very futuristic know.

Yes it is futuristic.


There are no films in future and no theaters.

There are no film stars.

There are no Sunday papers with gossip columns.

There are no political analysis on papers.

All are in digital form.

Everybody has a tablet and and the story comes to the tablet (DRM) when the digital right manager is taken of or removed by the video producer after a profitable street sale.

He sells the stuff in the street first with DRM attached and then revoke the DRM once the sales are over.

These videos sell like pop corns.

Later he or she makes a video game.

That is really futuristic to me.

Will I live long to see them.

No my dear.


See you with another futuristic dream.

Dream 23

Dream 23
It is long time since I had a good dream.
This one was exciting.
I was in Malaysia for some unknown reason.
I felt sick and I was taken to a hospital.
It may have been a tommy upset and pain and I cannot remember that part.
I can very well remember they were doing an ultrasound.
I could hear one saying it is unbelievable this man is pregnant.
And one was trying to pull my underwear down to prove his point.
I was bit annoyed and said aren’t you watching a recorded ultrasound?
Then he realized I was not under any anaesthesia and turned round the display so that I can see it live.
I am scanning again and this time I am recording it too, he said.
The I went into some shock mode and i could not remember anything at all.
They may have given a sedative to calm me down.
Then after a while I was in another place.
Again the guys were showing my ultrasound to a prospective buyer of my wonder baby inside my belly in exchange of a three year old.
I can remember his name.
His name was Mutthiah Rouf, bit confusing both Tamil and Muslim names given to this boy.
I thought of giving away the not born baby away and looking after an already formed kid was a good idea.
How to take the baby away was not discussed at this point and it would have been a certain laparotomy to relive my pain.
Mind you this is the first time a baby was auctioned for the highest bid before born.
Finally everything was finalized and I wanted ask one question before signing the documents.
Mind you I cannot be taken to court since court has to prove that I was capable of producing an offspring on my own.
To prevent me making any claim later would have been the reason for the exchange of the boy.
I asked the boy can I change your name.
He said no.
Then I disagreed with the agreement and said no to all the dealings and said I will have my baby.
The man went away with disgust.
Then I asked the surgeon what was all this about?
He told me there was a mishap in an earlier occasion where an in-vitro embryo was misplaced with the tag number.
The father (the man) of this embryo was that old man.
The mother of the baby was his youngest wife who was infertile and with greatest difficulty they had harvested an egg from her.
By some stroke of accident they had put that embryo inside your tommy when I was there, last time.
That is interesting.
How come.
They were doing a laparoscopy and while injecting CO2 the anaesthetist had put the tip of the suction catheter where the missing embryo was lodged by accident into your tommy and you were effectively implanted or in-vitro fertilized.
My goodness I said.
How did you know that whose property was the embryo?
When we preserve the embryos we put a radioactive (label) tag and your / his baby has it on his back. 
We saw it on the second (later) US.
This man has sued us and while you were under anaesthesia we got our lawyer to negotiate a deal.
And as a safety protocol we used his adopted son and like a good man you agreed to all what we said until your last question which blasted everything in toto.
Now then can I sell the baby to you?
Of course.
What the prize?
Unfortunately before I could finalize the deal I was woken up with an urge to go to the loo.
I scanned my tommy with the hand and there was no sign of any baby inside and made a full void and went back to sleep, this time with some sanity in my mind.
Immediately in the morning I posted the dream to Maha Brahma.
He responded quickly and for about 10 minutes he was laughing his heart out.
He told me, you were a real zombie.
You said yes, yes to all the suggestions those guys were making.
I had no control, I said.
They would have given me a zombie producing drug.
What zombie drug?
You were ashamed of yourself with the baby inside.
I finally made you to ask that vital question about the renaming the boy.
To get you a good deal even in your dream my boy.
Then why did you interrupt at the last moment.
I did not.
It was your bladder. 
Can this happen in real life?
Even in your dream you were very futuristic.
This is the type of thing that will happen on a daily basis in future.
Human error as well as computer errors.
With STEM Cell Research well in advance in future, there are every type of human organ, cell and embryo produced.
There will be labelling errors that will creep in at all levels.
Mind you all these stuffs are microscopic and the labeling is going to be the most difficult.
Even the computers that store data can be manipulated by hackers.
In your dream case it was faulty suction pump.
In future it will be database errors.
See you with another dream and he vanished.