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Joli Cloud and JoliOS

Joli Cloud and JoliOS is a Ubuntu based distribution supported by a company and has an innovative approach to Linux.
It has a JoliBook (limited edition) for 300 dollars and can be installed in old computer.
One can register with it and use it as cloud service.

Joli OS is a free and easy way to turn any computer up to 10 years old into a cool new cloud device.
Get on the Web and instantly connect to all your Web apps, files and services using the computer you already own.

You may never need to buy a new computer again.

It’s easy.

Just download Joli OS.

It installs in just 10 minutes.

Jolibook by Vye comes with literally everything. 

More than 750 apps from the built-in Jolicloud App Center—games, office tools, music and video players and more—all installed and updated in just one click.
Plus you can see what apps your friends are using in the Jolicloud Stream. Best of all, all of your apps are always up-to-date.

Choice of Cloud Utilities.

This is an email I have sent to my friends.
I have already sent you an invitation for you to join a cloud (open source) utility called EyeOS.
It is cute and it can be organized around your email.
I like it because of its simplicity.
I am into cloud computing and have tried three already with varying degree of complexity.
1. Dropbox is a commercial variant but its contract is bit dicey.
2. Ubuntu One is a good one with 5 GiB storage.
3. CloudSUB is elegant
4. JoliCloud is elaborate and from there only I found EyeOS.
5. EyeOS (this is a cloud desktop and a very thin client).
Is also a Web OS. I have a live CD called EyeNux which can be booted from a the Live CD with access to files in the hard disk for uploading.
Pick your choice.
In time to come all of us have to give up desktop and use cloud desktop and it is the way we have to shape. this will prevent one get hooked to Google’s tablets which is getting too commercial even though i supported its from the very beginning.
It keeps its android as proprietary (open Source though) making people to get fixed, somewhat similar to Microsoft.

JoliCloud and EyeOS

If you want to join the cloud with your existing paraphernalia that goes with your email identity, JoliCloud is for you.
I have already briefed you here how to make a USB stick but you do not need that even if your browser is cloud ready like Google Chrome.
Just type Jolicloud in Google and register with a name and your email.
Once you are with the Jolicloud and integrating your favorite utilities there is something one should not miss.
That is Eye OS.
This is a tiny Web OS that is sponsored by free software sourceforge foundation.
It is the cutest Linux package one can have.
You can integrate all your blog site with Jolicloud and you need not carry even a pendrive if you have a thin client access but Google Chrome is essential and I believe a tablet with android or Kindle will get you connected.
Whole world is going to change with cloud computing whether you like it or not.
One can synchronize with Dropbox but there is no Ubuntu One at the moment.
I hope Ubuntu One will fix this problem soon.

Installing JoliCloud in Linux (Flashdrive)

JoliCloud 1.2 is another cloud based Linux distribution.
I downloaded it and booted up and I am confused what they are going to achieve with it. 
Could not even exit from the live Cd and had to do not honourable Ctrl+Alt+Del procedure which I hate to do with my laptop (thank god I tested it with my old IBM, annoyed as I was switched off the power button).
Then I went to their web site which has elaborate tutorial thinking most users are still at kindergarten level and downloaded the Linux utility and tried it on my PCLinux and I could not mount the script to boot the USB stick.
The I forgot about it and today early in the morning (on leave) after long nap wanted to do something exciting copied an image of JoliCloud to a CD and then mounted Ping Eee and tried UnetBootIn with the image CD on the CD Rom.
No more hassle I got a Live JoliCloud in a USB stick which booted up and telling me what to do and not what I wanted to do.
Annoyed again I am posting this.
I am not sure what JoliCloud (it was not Jolly for ME) is going to achieve.
If prefer CloudUSB instead.
But knowing myself even I am critical of any Linux distribution (always constructive) I will carry both sticks with me when i am out an enjoying myself.
Which I am now.
Guys and girls please do not spoon feed your user base especially Linux guys and please check whether your sh-script work on all Linux distributions before giving elaborate instruction to newbies.
Please tell them what i did with UnetBootIn or better incorporate it in your next version.
I am watching your progress from the ‘Cloudy Sky” like an eagle.