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Finding a Good Web Janitor

Finding a Good Web Janitor
I am yet to find a good and powerful Web Janitor.
Yes there are Sweeper and Janitor with Linux but they cannot be automated.
One has to manually do the cleaning most of the time.
Recently my hard disk was getting chockablock and I my external hard drivers were also full of Linux images, it came to a point I could not download a big file.
I wanted to keep Knoppix latest version and FullMonty (I have tried it only live) till at least December without deleting the images.
Just for the sake of finding space I went to the Tmp file to see there was 4 GiB of junk there waiting to be deleted.
This was something unacceptable fro me since I thought most of them were deleted by cron jobs.
Not to be.
I want the Cleaner utility to come up with a reminder “you may delete the last 24 hours of junk, if you like” type of reminder once in a way at boot time or while one is on the job.
This new Utility I want to call it “House Keeper’.
1.Apart from alerting me to remove junk it must alert me many other routines which I forget in my old age.
2.You have not changed your password for email for six months.
3. Hay your browser is loaded with cookies that your hardly use.
4. Hey your browser is remembering the password for your Jolicloud.
5. Your system is running slow, it is high time do some maintenance work.
6. Hey your battery is getting weak.
7. Hey it is getting too hot and your computer is at cooking temperature, switch it off and go and have a nap or a snack or a drink.
The last one is very important to me since the ambient temperature except at night is over 90 and consistently touching 95 Fahrenheit.
I keep a digital thermometer over the computer and check it but  forget to check the kettle which is plugged in with all the water evaporated and burned the Kettle Filament the other day and if the main did not go the whole house would have been on fire.