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“5 S” Strategy for Linux and a Businss Model

For the future of Linux Community of Developers we should have a strategy in ISO style.

1. Sort.

2. Set

3, Shine or Refine

4. Standardize.

5. Sustain


I looked at the the successful companies and found no Linux derivative there. 

This is the failure of Linux

. We do not have a Business Model to boast about. 

We have a Logo and a Mascot where are they standing at present?

If you look at the list in the first 20 we have IBM, Google, Microsoft and Intel and Yahoo at 66 but no Linux.

Like Coca Cola we should be in the Number One.

The simple reason is we do not know to market our products.

Do not merge with the big companies.

Look at Yahoo having merged it is in the 66th place whereas Microsoft is in the top 5.


1. Embrace

2. Expand

3. Extinguish or Explode

We call EXPLODE it in this country since we a firecracker happy nation (to show politicians are in the vicinity) to Explode at any moment.

We knew for over 30 years how to avoid and escape from bombs now we have to escape from (all powerful but impotent in deeds) politicians.

Unfortunately we do not know how to escape from the stranglehold they are imposing on us.

So merging with big companies or the politicians (Obama and his expensive social program) is not the way forward.

The way forward is to scrutinize the activities and put them the Acid Test of “5S”.

First of all we have to SORT all the Models.

I will do it in my way but my analysis also a Primitive Model to work with.


Sort all the essentials (LIVE CDs, Servers, Desktops, Netbooks most importantly O.E.M.s).
Sort the Origin-Debian series, Knoppix and Live CDs series , Puppy series. Ubuntu series, Redhat. Centos Series… Mandriva series, Slackware series, Gentoo series etc.

I am almost finishing with the Live CDs with subcategories named after our ancestral mammals the Apes (Light Weight, Middle Weight, Heavy Weight type of apes and monkeys) with x-Windows to go with it.

2. SET

Set a business Model with a strong Logo for Live CDs, Desktops and Server and O.E.M.s (that will be the future netbooks).

Target is to get within the first 10 if not it is not marketable.

3. SHINE rather REFINE the most essential basics for each category worth marketing.

4. Standardize

(Linux is standard based operating system and this should not be a problem).

5. Sustainability

This is the difficult part without a strong Business Model.

This is only possible if all the Linux derivatives in each category pass a gold mark or the gold standard (for Live CD I have chosen PCLinux as the Gold Standard of usability) and move up the ladder in the 100 in each category.

That is my wishful thinking.

When I did my survey (now the time for a research) I found lot of good stuff has gone into dormancy because of lack of support like a business model would have.

To name a few are MYAH, Linux Console. ADIOS. O.L.P.S and many more.

It is a shame that the good work of dedicated developers are now in the attic instead of in the classroom or in the living room.

I have shown the way.

We must revive and take Linux out of the doldrums and develop some marketable products.

I will be willing to work with even the devil if my suggestions are taken to heart by Developers but not business crooks.

Please make some critical comments.