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Linux Ultimatum-Finishing with FinniX

Linux Ultimatum-Finishing with FinniX
It is almost 3 years that I had being trying to promote Linux.
I am going to wind up writing on Linux from end of this month.
You won’t believe why I am going to do that.
It has nothing to do with Linux or visitors to my site.
Nearly half a million had visited my blog site.
Thank you and you had been a source of strength.
It is all due to money and price hike of electricity.
1. I cannot afford to pay a huge electricity bill.
It has almost tripled.
2. Second reason is slow internet.
3.Third is abrupt power cuts and interruption to downloads and my sleep.
 All these due to irrational Engineers who are paying lip service to politicians and bungling in economics and power generation.
Besides rain also failing when there is power cut we do not have water too.
We are heading for disaster like “crabs in a boiling pot”.
We are getting cooked for no fault of ours.
We sacrificed and tighten our belts when war was rampaging but we asked to do more.
This is not realistic to me.
Fortunately I have written four books which are available at Amazons during our industrial action period.
Currently I am writing a book on Placenta and its clinical relevance with any help from the University.
That is taking a big tall on me.
Finishing with Finnix, it is a tiny distribution of about 100 MiB with lot of administrative tools and bug fixes.
It is Debian based.
I am currently downloading it.
It (Finnix) came on the Valentine Day with love to all Linux guys and girls and we married on the day before.
I missed Finnix (Linux) and my wife missed or forgot the day we were got married.
I was one up on the deal.
If you are a Linux guy or a girl do not forget your loved ones, the community and your closest friends.
They need a little pat on the back.
I am currently listing all the little distributions (little book will be the outcome) and that will soon be in Kindle and Amazon.
So Good Bye.
I will be here if I have had good dreams with Maha Brahma helping me.
We need god’s help to get rid of the bad guys in politics who are ruining little we have.
THANK YOU, Google and you are doing a wonderful job.
The blog front has an easy and nice face front.
You have done a very good face lift.
WordPress is also doing wonderful stuff.

Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators

Finnix is Genome / Linux Kernel 3 and only 102 MiB and fits a mini CD.
Below is a reproduction from Finnix Organization.
If I write about Linux Live CD that boots with windows X desktop only, I am doing an injustice to the Linux Developers, who make wonderful Little Utilities for system administrators.
Below is one of them, a CD that boots without a desktop window on a terminal (window) with 300 MiB of utilities.
Download and enjoy!
Thank you Guys and Girls of Finnix organization.

Finnix, the LiveCD for system administrators
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Finnix is a self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution (“LiveCD”) for system administrators, based on Debian. You can mount and manipulate hard drives and partitions, monitor networks, rebuild boot records, install other operating systems, and much more. Finnix includes the latest technology for system administrators, with Linux kernel 2.6, LVM2, encrypted partitions, etc. And above all, Finnix is small; currently the entire distribution is over 300MiB, but is dynamically compressed into a small bootable image. Finnix is not intended for the average desktop user, and does not include any desktops, productivity tools, or sound support, in order to keep distribution size low.