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Potato hotpot and Umpires in hotpot (hot seat)

Potato hotpot is an easy to make British cuisine that I hate as much as some of the Australian and British umpires. Potato hotpot not only is easy to make but cheap and the hospital stuff we had to eat were the worst I could think of and there are no spices added and if there was any sauce, it is as bland as any British cuisine. One of my Indian friends used to say they (British) discovered salt and then pepper and after that it stopped till they discovered India. I totally agreed with Kurian and his wife’s cooking was one of the best coming from Kerala and quite similar to Sri-Lankan dishes unlike the North Indian stuff without coconut milk.

When I was fed up with the potato hotpot I had the luxury of having a meal with him..

I wonder where the guy is now and totally lost track of him.

The umpires like the potato hotpot, have the habit of easily raising the finger against Asian Stars (Sanath Jayasuriya in particular in 1996 World Cup) but deliberate million times and even twist the cricketing rules when the player is a British or Australian (latest seen in the Ashes series). Quite recently even Graham Smith had to bite his finger nail to its bed when umpires were in the hot seat and making the players to eat a humble pie or potato hot pot after the game.

Come this time too, the World Cup, the mistakes would be as common like the potato hotpot and I wish to propose that potato hotpot (or similar dishes) should be banned from our cuisine till the World Cup is over.

The real reason for me writing this has nothing to do with cricket, umpiring or who wins the cup.

We are made to eat a meal very much like the potato hotpot but without onions and potatoes.

Both onion and potato have gone up in prices and along with the gas and electricity. Electricity has gone up like a rocket and if we watch the cricket we may have to skip few meals to save money to pay the units of electricity.

I am pretty sure our guys (not when I privately inquire) will skip meals and watch cricket.

To save money on meals I have a suggestion for all Sri-Lankan mothers.

We must make one curry like the potato hotpot.

The ingredients are as follows.
1. One small onion
2. Two potatoes finely sliced
3. One carrot
4. One mango
5. One or two Ambaranka
6. Lot of leaves from the garden except grass
7. Little salt
8. And any other available leaves to fill the pot
9. Dash of Pol Piti Kiri
10. Put them into a large vessel with water and boil to taste.

By this method gas, fire wood and electricity can be saved instead of cooking three different curries separately.

With money saved watch all the cricket matches till April.

Then we won’t be able to make even this Sri-Lanlakn Pot-Pot-Hotpot.

We all will be on hot seats.