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Guys and Girls whom would you like to be associated with now or never?

Companions in next Life

When we gather for a social occasion, when the things get heated or more likely things get very boring, I have a question for my limited audience (but now with bloging mushrooming all and sundry in the far corners of this planet).
If one believes in next life whom would you be comfortable to have in next round of associations.
Then, before they could gather any thoughts, I ask them to list 10.
The question is have they made 10 good friends not casual vagabonds.
I have a ready-made answer for the question, they ask me next?
Before they make up their mind they want my list of 10.
The answer is simple.
I have not yet found 10.
Then I divert their attention and say, had I found 10 in my time my life time, I would form a party and I would make this little country, the Miracle Country in 10 years.
Then if they persevere, very rarely that happens i give my categorization.
The scope is
1. Servants girls and boys are out by the first count.
2. My dogs come top of the list.
3. All the humans except a few fall in between
Then, I go on listing the dogs up to 7 and with little mathematics only  3 are left.
Then I go on and ask would you like to be in the short list of 3.
They get dumbfounded by my last request.
So the discussion ends abruptly and we get on to another hot topic which by default is not gossip.
In my case I have a big problem.
Lot of my dog friends are gone and they are already in heaven and they were never my intellectual companions.
They were always physical companions and soul bodies.
I talk to them but they never talk back to me.
I look for friends who enlighten me in day to day life.
So if you have a good friend do not lose him or her.
Do not marry him or her too, then you might become enemies in no time due to boredom.
I am in a dilemma and quandary, whether to go to heaven with my dog friends or remain here in this world with few of my intellectual friends.
I prefer the latter.