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Another Killer Punch by Microsoft-Owns Skype now!

Skype was platform independent and it had paid service and free service.

When things were getting bad during winter with snow and flights were delayed, Skype was the thing available for communication and twitter for the savvy.
Now that Microsoft acquired Skype, it will terminate it’s free service and especially to Linux base.
Linux base Skype was pain in the neck and version 2 while Microsoft version was 5 or above.
So we cannot say it was any loss to solely Linux users.
It was the only vehicle available for Linux guys to communicate VOIP with windows users.
Microsoft will close this window fearing somebody like me talked to a window guy and telling the virtues of Linux.
Oracle did the same thing with OpenOffice but LibreOffice has emerged strongly and implementing Office Work excellently.
I wonder it is possible to rid of all Skype contents form the Linux version and develop a video competent VOIP now.
I think we name it a PingoM.
Pingo Man is the name coined by Sri-Lankan for men who carry a load on his shoulder on a pole. I still have not found a good word in English but will continue to use this name Pingo Man until I find a suitable alternative for the above purpose.
Now the Skype Linux is dead I want to revive the dead man with a heavy load on shoulder to bring open source telephony for windows users.

Ping we cannot use.
Pingus we cannot use, even though I like that name and the game very much.

Anybody can use PingoM for this venture as long as they can say that was my contribution to Linux and free telephony.

There are enough Linux VOIP for free telephony but there ought to be one that can communicate (Linux based) with windows machines now that Skype is dead.
So we need to strip Skype Linux of any Skype credentials and name it by the name I have given Pingo-M.

Alpine is VOIP based distribution which is minimalistic.
I think Alpine should put some flesh and add some office utility (minimum Abiword) and mature into Linux distribution with VOIP and develop a executive file for windows users.
AsteristNOW is another Free Telephony based on Linux distribution from CentOS-5.3- 2.009.

Asterist is a company which manufacture cards for telephony and uses open source telephony with thier hardware. They also can now contribute to the evolution of cross platform Telephony before Microsoft strangle users with their copyright issues.
Other ploy for Microsoft is to compete with Google Talk.

I hope unlike Android which Google use to curry favour with other appliance makers, VOIP should be a platform independent and above all operating system levels.
I do not think human beings are born with integrated circuits to talk and their vocal cords are analogue in operation.

This applies to animals and birds who sing for pleasure.