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Incognito Linux and the Visually handicapped

This is something one should take cognizant of. I was looking for a post in the name of incognito in my blogspot but I have posted it as Webbo Amnesia. Amnesia is a medical term and I had gone to the town with that word and has completely forgotten to highlight the Linux distribution in my post. My apologies to the guys and girls at Incognito. 

The error of commission and omission should be put right here.
1. It is a Live CD if one wants to browse anonymously and without leaving any traces to detect.
2. It has vidalia which gives a list of guys logged in at the time of one’s current browsing. 
3. It has ORCAs which is something I should highlight here. 
Even a blind person can browse the web without any intrusion or obstruction.
4. Web browser is light and no cookies or attempting to remember all one’s actions. 
5. It does not feed back your browsing habit to commercial interests. It is fast because of that fact and i was immediately on my blog entry and reading its first few lines.
I am happy even a blind person can read this entry if he/she accidentally visit my site. There are lot of nice Linux guys/girls out there doing things that are commendable. Helping visually handicapped to be independent is one such thing. Thanks a lot to all ORCAs developers out there.
Incognito is an amazing utility which all the aspiring politicians and power hungry ones should worry about. It can boot and erase all the traces of memory in the browser and the computer of use after posting a message out of the country which some dictators like what you find in China may not like it, and the true state of affairs are known to the rest of the world.
Tor is a small utility one can carry in a floppy disk and it will send chills in the spines of some politicians!
Linux can do it and www is for all not for a few powerful and wealthy.
It makes the ground rules simple and open. Be transparent in all public (not private) affairs.
What I gather is that this utility is used by teenagers in the West to hoodwink their parents and reach unwanted sites. Well, teens are two steps ahead of their parents and old folks should fast learn “tricks of the trade”.
Use of this utility in bad hands can be deplorable but I will use it only when their is a dire necessity political-wise.
1. Number one feature one I want all the Linux distribution to have is UnetBootIn.
2. Number two is ORCAs.
3.Number three is gParted and partition image.
Incognito has it.
Knoppix has it.
Most of the Ubuntu derivatives VinuX have it.
Dynabolic should have it and it has it.
The  visually handicapped will enjoy Music with Dynabolic.
In other words all audio visual Linux CD/DVDs should have ORCAs and UnetBootIn.
So he/she can wear the distribution around the neck wherever they go.
Who knows I am in my twilight years and I may go blind due to old age and I will have to carry one with me.

Thanks young guys and girls for your wonderful communal spirit.