Dream-04 and its interpretation from Heaven

This dream was not exciting to say the least but it’s interpretation by Maha Brahma was exciting.
We were going on a trip to Anuradhapura in a bus load of devotees and I was the bus driver.
We alighted ourselves from the bus for some ripe mangoes along the road side and everybody was busy eating mangoes.
When we returned one had a slight headache and the conductor open the First Aid Box for Panadol and to his surprise there was a little cobra inside the box. 

Then we looked around there were many little cobras in the bus and a slight commotion ensued and I was woken up.

Woken up, I looked under my bed and I found my dog sleeping and no cobras.
The I remember, the day before there was a little cobra (second time I saw it) in the hospital premises and everybody was blocking its exit route.

I told them even though it is a small guy, the poison is the same let it ease itself to his own safety from the humans and went on my business (no business these days).

So this was nothing exciting and there was an antecedent incident but I was puzzled, how come inside a First Aid Box and the setting was pious devotional expedition with mango tasting (Mango Friends -Ammba Yahaluwas).
In any case worth an interpretation of high order.
Posted it by email and I got a audio alert from AOL (Any Old Lady) with Maha himself calling. 
I do not know how AOL got Maha’s voice (really his assistant’s and Maha is still on a not-American holiday) but true to American discoveries of the universe and beyond, I too got excited.
Then I discovered Maha was more excited than me having received my email.
I asked him why the hell he has given his voice to AOL.
He said he did not give it but American Secret Service has cracked the Heavenly Code and he is aware of it but no damage done to heaven since no American in the current century including Secret Service will get to heaven, the way they are bombing the Middle East and there is some agreement with Hell to make a special American Cell in an island like where Srauss Khan was incarcerated for his pleasures on Earth.
Then he got to his business.
He said this was a good one.
In time to come cobras are going to be priceless animal and anybody breeding them get an American Scholarship.
To make anti-venom I believe?
No Stupid.
In time to come Americans will be like the Old Wild West again and everybody who is somebody is a Bank Robber, not with guns but with plastic cards.
I don’t get your point.
The Linux hackers in America have perfected a card that can break any PIN number in ten seconds. 
It is like a master key you know?
The card has a microchip with wireless connection to a server and the server in ten seconds cracks a PIN number at random and the robber get away with money or a free transaction to Libya instantly.
Yes now Libya is American.
Don’t you realize this is futuristic?
Or I see your point.
But there is no connection with any cobra there.
Wait. wait, till I come to that point.
If the transaction is not completed in another 5 seconds, a cobra comes and sting the robber.
Where does the cobra come from?
From the till and one can put only two fingers to collect the dollars and no gloves allowed and when you fiddle for dollars  you actually  tickle the cobra’s hood.
He has no option but to sting.
That is no problem no.
You go to the nearest American hospital and get the anti-venom saying the sting was from his or her pet cobra.
No it is not that easy to get cobra anti-venom.
There is a hospital protocol.
1. First you have to get Visa Clearance.
2. Then you have to get FIB Clearance
3. Then you have to get Bank Clearance
4. Doctors Clearance
5. Pharmacist Clearance
6. Allergy Clearance
7. Nurses (qualified to give anti venom) Clearance
8. Repeat and repeat of Bank Clearance or Insurance Clearance, whether able to pay the hospital bill.
My goodness this takes time and by that time he will be in deep coma!
Yes, yes.
Then only the hospital can claim benefits for the Emergency Treatment from Obama Health Package Revisited.
What is the price of anti-venom?
It is like liquid gold and only a rich American can buy not a bank robber. 
Oh, I see.
I got to go.
See you soon with my next dream probably not winning the industrial action and I will be seeing day dreams only.

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