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My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

It looks like Ubuntu Linux has given lot of heartaches to its fan base.
I only use Ubuntu for demonstration of Linux versatility.
I am bit different compared to other Linux uses.
When I demonstrate Ubuntu I always say “Linux is not only Ubuntu”.
My point is to state that there are over 100 lovely Linux distributions for one to try.

Unlike the majority I strongly support the canonical’s new move to Unity.
I will only state one out of the many reasons.
Because of the smart move by Microsoft to give XP to OEM guys with netbooks, practically free, Linux could not penetrate netbooks.

If Ubuntu does not penetrate emerging tabloids market another opportunity will be lost..
Linux will be ahead of both Mac and Microsoft (Like the Android of Google) because of this move of Unity.
It is a smart move by the Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth.
Only smart people will survive in this game.

I think ones who had come from Microsoft base will spread this negative publicity with hidden agenda but young and newbies will embrace Unity without reservation.
Time will be best judge whether what I say will materializes.

Ubuntu has to do one small thing right to shut the negative campaign.
Give them both options in a single DVD (two images for the prize of one, old and the new Unity) and I am sure they also will embrace Unity in no time.
I believe they already give this option and if thereis any problem Mint is there to fill the void.

Having said that Big Brother or the Good Father Debian will be  there to take the free open software to another level without anybody noticing it.
That is why I support many distributions.
For example Porteus (SLAX) base has done a excellent job without much funfair.
It is one of the best (KDE, LXDE) little distribution that has hit the market.
It is a little gem.

Porteus Linux and who was Beilby Porteus

Porteus Linux is the best of SLAX (Slackware) distribution under 300 MiB with KDE and LXDE desktops.

SLAX is known for small Linux distributions and is now almost defunct but this production is excellent following it old tradition.

It has LMZA compression utility to pack all the KDE in under 300 and has K3B which I love.

It has excellent text expalining how to use it including making a USB stick.

I wonder why they use the name Porteus?

I give 100 out of 100 and another 100 for the name Porteus for reminding me of recent history.

Anniversary Sermon

Porteus used the opportunity afforded by the invitation to preach the 1783 Anniversary Sermon of the Society  for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts to criticise the Church’s role in ignoring the plight of the 350 slaves on its Codrington Estates in Barbados and to recommend means by which the lot of slaves there could be improved.
It was a well-reasoned and much-reprinted plea for The Civilisation, Improvement and Conversion of the Negroe Slaves in the British West-India Islands Recommended, and was preached at the church of St Mary-le-Bow before forty members of the society, including eleven bishops of the Church of England. When this largely fell upon deaf ears, Porteus next began work on his Plan for the Effectual Conversion of the Slaves of the Codrington Estate, which he presented to the SPG committee in 1784 and, when it was turned down, again in 1789. His dismay at the rejection of his Plan by the other bishops is palpable. His Diary entry for the day reveals his moral outrage at the decision and at what he saw as the apparent complacency of the bishops and the committee of the Society at its responsibility for the welfare of its own slaves.
These were the first challenges to the establishment in an eventual 26-year campaign to eradicate slavery in the British West Indian colonies. Porteus made a huge contribution and eventually turned to other means of achieving his aims, including writing, encouraging political initiatives, and supporting the sending of mission workers to Barbados and Jamaica. Deeply concerned about the lot of the slaves as a result of the reports he received, Porteus became a committed and passionate abolitionist, the most senior churchman of his day to take an active part in the campaign against slavery.

Above is a small part WiKiPedia reproduction of life of Beilby Porteus for the reading of some British football hooligans turned Human Rights Activist of present day.

I should say when I was working in estate sector as a doctor the conditions of Indian Tamils were far worse (look at the BBC production of 1975-BBC then did not use faked videos, like Channel 4) when British were running the Estates.
In 1975 I had to do postmortems of Tamil Estate Workers who ate Manioc with their leaves and died of cyanide poisoning.
We have a saying do not spit looking upwards.
They land on your face immediately.
As far as I am concerned it does not matter which side the fence one is in.
Criminal is a criminal whether he is in or outside prison.
The definition does not change because of skin colour.