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Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10-Update

Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10-Update

I think then the “Ubuntu Bashing” that is going on is coming from not Linux users but by windows guys.
First of all I never used Ubuntu for my regular work.
I did not like when it disposed of root log in and that was the very reason I never used it on regular basis, coming from Redhat base.
I have used many Linux distribution and my Linux 100 was an attempt to highlight many distributions as possible.
Even though I did not use Ubuntu, every time a new Ubuntu comes I download the new image test it and keep it as an archive.
The other two I regular downloaded were Puppy and Knoppix.
Then I went into full gear and I started downloading every possible Linux from Turnkey to eyeOs.
After all this, one thing I must make it clear.
Every time a new Ubuntu come it was much better than the previous best Linux except my idiosyncrasy or the basic nuance no root log in.
Ubuntu 10 is pretty good and its L.T.S 10.04.3 is a very stable distribution.
The we have a lot of Ubuntu derivatives out there of which Ultimate Linux and Ultimate Linux Gamers scored heavily on my point scheme.
What is most striking for me was Ubuntu was Cloud Ready from its version 9.
Now the Ubuntu One has over million users.
Now I believe there are over 10 times or may be 20 times Ubuntu users worldwide.
That is 10 to 20 million users.
Most remarkable achievement of Ubuntu was it was the distribution that made some impact on Microsoft.
So bashing Ubuntu now using UNITY is the game they (windows guys) play in tandem with some not so regular Linux users.
I think Ubuntu is going from strength to strength and its Unity for me is pretty good and novel experience.
I LOVE that experience.
Managing change even in business world is difficult.
I think Ubuntu should hire a small team to manage this change. That will come good on the long run.
Its web site is doing an excellent JOB.
Visit it if you have time.
I for one join that team to promote all Ubuntu derivatives especially Unity and Cloud Service.
Not only that it is making Linux Mint popular.
I see that as a good byproduct and a very good plus factor for Ubuntu and a market hype.
Both are Debian derivatives and they indirectly make a slow moving Debian also target for newbies.
It is all good for Linux.
My worry is that the other 97 Linux I promote are not given a hearing due to this HYPE.
There is another good one on the market which I am currently downloading (very slow with only one seeder) and it is called Onyx64.
If you are bored visit my blogspot here.
Please do not forget Knoppix, Puppy my favorite and PCLinux FullMonty.
Do not forget EyeOS and EyeNUX.
This time even Suse has a done an excellent job and its derivatives that one can make from SUSE STUDIO is another attraction.
LINUX is well ahead of all the other commercial distributions (including ANDROIDS), come this Christmas.
The best Christmas gift one can give this time round is Linux from UNITY to VANITY.
Thank you Guys/Girls (developers), your hard work is paying dividends.

Ubuntu Fans, You have a way out!

With the coming of age of Ubuntu and the entry of the new fashion lady Unity, ardent Ubuntu fans should not be disappointed.

You have a way out.

Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support ) 10.04.3 is now available for download from Softpedia and Distrowatch and you should download it/them and update your systems.

If you want to be like me (I have not tried this yet) who has many distributions in one box except windows, you should try dual or ideally multi-boot several Linux distributions (my advice is Linux Mint or Kubuntu for Ubuntu fans) including PCLinux.

For a Linux guy or girl learning curve is almost flat and over time decide what he/she wants to use.

Alternatively wait for my future comments at parafox and asokaplus on all the Linux distributions I have downloaded and tested, recently.

New point scheme is devised to eliminate person bias and make it somewhat scientific (qualitative and quantitative analysis).

I may be bit slow since our industrial action is over and I will be busy getting new entrants to learn Academic English in addition to my core work.

When they come from the English Program (ad hog) hastily devised I will have an uphill task, making conditions right for them to understand the scientific messages not political, I have to dish out.

I will keep my promise in 100 days (one a day would do) or within three (3) month since I have downloaded all except Linux Mint and my hard disk is chockablocked.

In the mean time I have to promote Sinhala Linux too (Debian 6.0.2 plus+), too.

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

It looks like Ubuntu Linux has given lot of heartaches to its fan base.
I only use Ubuntu for demonstration of Linux versatility.
I am bit different compared to other Linux uses.
When I demonstrate Ubuntu I always say “Linux is not only Ubuntu”.
My point is to state that there are over 100 lovely Linux distributions for one to try.

Unlike the majority I strongly support the canonical’s new move to Unity.
I will only state one out of the many reasons.
Because of the smart move by Microsoft to give XP to OEM guys with netbooks, practically free, Linux could not penetrate netbooks.

If Ubuntu does not penetrate emerging tabloids market another opportunity will be lost..
Linux will be ahead of both Mac and Microsoft (Like the Android of Google) because of this move of Unity.
It is a smart move by the Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth.
Only smart people will survive in this game.

I think ones who had come from Microsoft base will spread this negative publicity with hidden agenda but young and newbies will embrace Unity without reservation.
Time will be best judge whether what I say will materializes.

Ubuntu has to do one small thing right to shut the negative campaign.
Give them both options in a single DVD (two images for the prize of one, old and the new Unity) and I am sure they also will embrace Unity in no time.
I believe they already give this option and if thereis any problem Mint is there to fill the void.

Having said that Big Brother or the Good Father Debian will beĀ  there to take the free open software to another level without anybody noticing it.
That is why I support many distributions.
For example Porteus (SLAX) base has done a excellent job without much funfair.
It is one of the best (KDE, LXDE) little distribution that has hit the market.
It is a little gem.

Unity-Ubuntu’s New Desktop-Going to be Number One!

I am going to make a prediction that everybody in IT industry should take good note of.

First of all I am not a fan of Ubuntu and I use it only for demonstrating its versatility (in other words versatility of Linux).

I think Mark Shuttleworth, the visionary in Linux promotion and of Canonical has made a smart move to make Unity Desktop and make the progress of Ubuntu as the number one in computer world.

Time will tell the story.

His critics may not agree with me, especially Linux Old Guard but in the commercial world people who make smart moves at the correct time will succeed what ever the market conditions that may exist at the time of the move or moves.

Unity Desktop was a smart move.

If he introduces a tabloid it will be even smarter.

I think he should move fast and go ahead and use a light weight unity derivative for a universal tabloid.

Tabloid with phone accessory would be something kids would love to have it at home and in school.

I think Canonical can even take Google’s Android into second place.

It will be number one in another five (5) years.

May be even early.

That is my prediction and nobody can stop it and the average user with smarter brain would be the accessory of the Canonical.

The community should extend all the help needed to the new converts and the newbies.

Ubuntu’s global popularity will serge with the version 11.04 and it is a matter of time, that the rivals will be talking about it in the reverse gear.

I had a live session with it only for five minutes and that five minutes was enough to make it versatility universal.

Yes, it does not have Dropbox, Skype and K-Torrent but that has been rectified by the emerging Mabuntux.

The DVD with XAMPP, EyeOS and PhPMyAdmin will rock the IT world in no time.

Thanks guys / girls for the PhpMyAdmin.

I have been waiting for it to appear in a formidable distribution for ages.

Its Password Universal will have a Universal appeal.

I was about to say good bye to my Linux 100.
You Guys / Girls have sprung a big surprise on me.

I will be watching your success and progress of course from a distance but you have to work hard to get it there and believe that it can be the to Number One, not only in Linux World but in IT world too.

I may have to wait for two or three days (already downloaded Ubuntu and Lubuntu) and I hope lot of seeders will help the download speed of the poor guys and girls in the third world.
Me included.

I am also happy you are not posting any CDs free now.

People should join the community of seeders instead of waiting for a free CD from Canonical.

Go to Linux-Tracker and start downloading it for yourself.

Active participation is essential and I am going to keep two of my computers on as seeders even though I for my own reasons (minor issues not worth elaborating) use many other Linux distributions.

I hope Sinhala Capability also creep in as a byproduct.